Pillar Carbon Fiber Packing For Reciprocating Rod Pillar Style 6527S, an endless packing consisting of carbon fiber impregnated with both graphite and a PTFE resin liquid. The fiber is woven into interlocking braids and can be formed into specified sizes without a cross section. Pillar Style 6527S, an epoch-making packing, has been developed especially for reciprocating pumps. Compared with conventional ground packings and V-shaped formed packings, the sealing properties, heat resistance, and service life of this packing have been drastically improve. The packing has received good evaluations by solidifying its excellent performance on various applications.

PH 0 to 14
Temp. -200~300
Press. 29.4MPa 300kgf/
Shaft speed 1.2m/sec
PV value 24.5MPa·m/s 250kgf/·m/sec
Application Hydraulic press plungers for the iron works, process plungers for the petrochemical refinery, process plungers for the chemical industry, plungers for ammonia carbamate, and other industrial-use hydraulic presses and reciprocating pumps for high-pressure fluids.
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