The spiral wound gasket is a semi-metallic gasket specially designed for high temperature and high pressure applications. Metallic V-section strips combined with non-metallic materials with compliance and sealing characteristics are spirally wound, the beginning and end of the winding being reinforced with several turns of metallic tape and then spot welded for security.   This is s highly resilient gasket with heat- and pressure -resistant characteristics and has outstanding heat cycle efficiency. Various types of fillers to meet high and low temperatures, and different fluids make these gaskets suitable for nuclear, thermal, refinery, and petrochemical applications. These gaskets are made to match the pressure rating of flange and also demonstrate exceptional sealing characteristics for high and low pressures flange applications.

Special features

1. The gasket to flange design rating permits easy product selection and handling.
2. The gasket can be used for a wide pressure range.

Stable sealing characteristics of high integrity can be maintained for an extended period of time in the absence of leakage due to permeability.

4. The gasket seating stress is balanced across its surface to alleviate problems from uneven tightening, insufficient or over tightening of the gasket.
5. Freedom from the creation of excessive stress in the gasket ensures longer service life. Stable sealing from the gasket is ensured even under stringent operating conditions involving heat cycling, vibration and bending moments.
6. The tightening criterion for the gasket is to see if it is compressed to the thickness of the outer ring. Thus all personal variation in tightening force can be eliminated, giving easy installation.
Basic Gasket
Pillar No. 2200, 2300, 2600

In the basic gasket shape, the metallic hoop and filler are wound alternately and, being of narrow width, can be safely used for high pressure service.
With Inner Ring
Pillar No. 2201, 2301, 2601

These are basic shape gaskets provided with various types of 3.0 or 3.2 mm thick metallic rings of different types around their inner circumference. With this type of gasket, there is no deformation of the rose shape under excessive compression, and it further prevents any blockage of the fluid flow or erosion of the flange corners by reducing the variation between the inner diameter of the pipe and the inner diameter of the gasket.
With Outer Ring
Pillar No. 2202, 2302, 2602

These are basic shape gaskets provided with various types of metal rings around their outer circumference to prevent horizontal warping of the gaskets under compression, and are used for flat face and raised face flanges. Gasket fitting is easy with the external face of the outer rings designed to register with the inner faces of the flange tightening bolts.
With Inner & Outer Ring
Pillar No. 2203, 2303, 2603

These are basic shape gaskets provided with various types of metallic rings around their inner and outer circumferences. The inner prevents deformation of the gasket's rose shape, whereas the outer ring provides for easy registration fitting and upgrading of the pressure-resisting capacity of the joint.
With Branch Ring
Pillar No. 2200 Y, 2300 Y, 2600 Y

These are spiral wound gaskets with a hollow metal O-ring or a branched metal jacketed gasket around the inner circumference. They can be safely used where temperature changes are rigorous or temperatures and pressure are exceedingly high.
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